Halaal Certification


Concept of Halaal foods and FMGs has created a colossal market of more than a trillion US Dollars. Recently, over the past several years, there has been a melodramatically demand for HALAAL certified products. Globally, Companies are seeking reliable HALAAL certification to gain consumer confidence, expand their existing market and enhance sales strategies. Anticipating this need, we at ESAAC offer Halaal Consultancy Services to companies seeking an edge over other by providing greater customer satisfaction. This Halaal certification opens doors to new opportunities constructing a way forward to larger untapped marketing avenues.

ESAAC is a Management Consulting & Shariah Advisory firm, providing innovative Ethical/Shariah based solutions & services. ESAAC offers proficient customized services to its clients by blending Shariah knowledge of our scholars with Halaal skills of our professionals. We have deep functional and industry expertise. Our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage so that they are able to build organizations that are more capable and secure lasting results. In other words, ESAAC is a one-stop solution to an organization’s Halaal certification needs.

A One-Stop Shop for Turnkey Solutions!

Having its Headquarters in Pakistan with representative offices in Dubai, Australia, Canada, England and USA, we retain Shariah, Innovation and professionalism as a primary instrument to accomplish the objectivity. We believe that our services add value by improving Shariah compliance, profitability, transparency, loyalty and consistency to our clients’ business objectives. At ESAAC, we have a team of experienced Shariah scholars, technical experts including well-reputed food scientists, technologists, veterinaries, traders, industrialists and legal advisors, qualified & experienced corporate trainers, Halaal system auditors and consultants. They have a diversified experience of consultancy, training, auditing, for Halaal certification to a vast span of industries including textile, pharmaceutical, food, hospitals, cosmetics, restaurants, abattoirs etc.


With extensive industry expertise and network that spans from various corners of the globe, we bring a verity of blended expertise that helps our client reach their destination more rapidly without any pitfalls.

We provide our clients with a general framework required for HALAAL certification based on our expertise and experience in HALAAL regulation and requirements. We at ESAAC explain and guide companies, seeking Halaal certification, a comprehensive certification procedure. This includes gap analysis, modification of existing system and certification arrangement.

We strive to keep HALAAL Certification procedure as simple as possible. This approach smoothen clients existing systems without compromising on credibility of HALAAL requirements. Alhamdulillah, we have experienced industry professionals who are committed to support their clients growth parallel to the vibrant growth of HALAAL industry.


ESAAC offers halaal management, consulting and auditing services. Organization applying for halaal certification must prepare themselves by meeting all requirements for certification. ESAAC performs a gap analysis review. This review identifies the gaps and provides an overall evaluation, with a complete list of modifications required to meet halaal certification criteria.

The Audit Process
The audit process starts with an enquiry. We proposed a service plan describing the entire audit and certification process with time lines. Once we agree on the service plan, our team, comprising of both technical and Sharia experts, perform a gap analysis. Subsequent to this, they coordinates with the focal person to ensure all changes required are timely completed.

Halaal Management
Even after the organization has received Halaal Certification, our relationship with the organization continues. Halaal certification is a living status and needs periodic renewal. Usually, the validity period is for 1 year. Regardless of the validity, ESAAC offers post certification audit review at regular intervals.


When businesses, regulators and Halaal certification bodies or the Halaal Industry in general needs to conduct a research on any arising matter, ESAAC research officers are just a call away. Alhamdulillah, our research department has blended expertise of both Shariah and technical knowledge resilient to serve the industry with a detail research providing Shariah compliant practical solutions.

We collaborate to design and develop Halaal products and technology for the Halaal industry.

We also assist our client doing Halaal Market research for their products and services. We help them understand Halaal market trends, provide them with credible Halaal market information, and identify the various potential segments.
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